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Octicorn Vol I cover art
Octicorn Vol I

Octicorn Zine Vol 1. This is a full color 20-page booklet, featuring the art, stories, and poems of Joyanna M and Lily Bell. Volume 1 introduces Woofy, an endearing blue fur ball who is always misunderstood.

$3.99 + S&H $2.50

Collective Outrage 2017 cover art
Collective Outrage 2017

Collective Outrage, 2017. This is a full color 18-page booklet featuring the art and poetry of Joyanna M and Lily Bell. Originally an accompaniment for She Persisted (The Brink) LP, Collective Outrage creatively illustrates frustration with social injustice.

$3.99 + S&H $2.50

Octicorn Vol 2

Coming soon, Octicorn Zine Vol 2. This full color 20-page booklet will feature the art and stories of Joyanna M and Lily Bell, poetry by Steven Schayer, and photographs by Joanna C. Valente. Volume 2 also revisits the misadventures of Woofy, the lovable blue fur ball.

$3.99 + S&H $2.50

Available for Preorder. Item will be shipped by April 30, 2019