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Poissonnerie Mouffetard

by Joyanna M

The commonplace of streets and cars
Subways, restaurants, trees, and sky
Les différences, subtle but sharp
Attack the bearings from the start

Vocabulary won’t solve the puzzle
When one cannot turn a phrase
A clumsy tongue struggles to please
Trips over êtes, est, et suis

Menus, like Latin mass, reading
Strangely familiar, metaphor and idiom
A conglomerate of unexpected
Suddenly tolerance; supreme

Une autre bouteille de vin blanc sec
A singularity of customary
A wall to lean on nonchalant
Brace against dizzying torrent

Eggshell Spirit
Eggshell Spirit

Joyanna M resides in Seattle and creates fiction, poetry, art, and music. Their works have been published in The Rumpus, Moonchild Magazine, Luna Luna Magazine, Rag Queen Periodical, andFive:2:One. They produce music under the moniker ‘Aquamarine Space Unicorns.’ You can follow her on Twitter at @joyanna1985 and read selected works online at www.joyannam.com

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